DIY Clay Garden Markers for Curbly

Clay Garden Markers by The Proper Pinwheel

Aloha, mi amigos. See what I did there? I speak many languages. We are back from Hawaii and I am trying to recover. It was a wonderful trip that was mostly wonderful the whole time. Things that weren’t wonderful? Flights home when you’re almost 6 months prego. Two words: Fluid Retention. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I absolutely love to garden. Unfortunately, since we’ve moved, we don’t have access to one. I’ve been forced to create a mini-oasis on our little deck at our new place. Lots of pots. Lots of petals. I’m not a pro, and sometimes mix up the herbs. To keep me straight, I created these little garden markers made from clay and you can check out the whole tutorial over on Curbly!

I swear they are so easy to make. If you’ve ever made cut-out cookies, you can definitely make these. So head on over for the how-to!

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