Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel

Guys. I’m just channeling my inner kiddo with this DIY and I love it. Things don’t get much easier than cutting up some felt and putting it in your hair. amiright??? These heart and arrow headbands are perfect to sport this Valentine’s season. Whether you make them yourself, or help the littles create them, they’re a sweet little gift! I’m thinking I’ll make a bunch for all of Vita’s little bald baby-friends.

Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel


  • felt
  • pen
  • scissors
  • white elastic
  • hot glue gun

Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel

In a nutshell: trace out some hearts and arrows on the felt. Carefully cut those bad boys out.

Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel

Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel

Once you’ve cut them out, use the hot glue gun to layer them and adhere them to the elastic. Tie the two ends of the elastic into a knot and you’re all set! To make the hairpin, layer the triangles and hot glue them to one side of a bobby pin. Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel

Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel

I thought it’d be fun to put an arrow on top of my head. Not going through. On top of.

Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel

The hair pins are adorable and easy peasy.Felt Headband for Valentines Day #DIY #properpinwheel

Now, I’m going to pretend like I’m not all vain and thank you for allowing me to model these super fly valentines. Now, go make me proud and make some of your own!

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all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

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    These are so cute! I love that triangle clip especially. So glad to have found your blog. I will definitely be following along. (P.S. if you have a minute, I’d love if you came and linked up at The Makers link party going on over on my blog.)


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