DIY Leather Ottoman & A Giveaway

DIY Leather Ottoman

Hey folks! Last Friday on Instagram, I shared a sneak peek of a leather ottoman I was making for BG-dub’s nursery. I’ve received lots of emails and messages inquiring about the pattern and the material. I sewed more projects last week than I have in my entire adult existence. Truly. We made some crib bumper magic happen. We made some nursing covers. We got some pillows up in here. A car seat cover. A cape for Logan. Oops. Wasn’t supposed to share that last item. ๐Ÿ˜‰

DIY Leather Ottoman

Baby Girl’s nursery is pretty small. I’ve been on the hunt for a super duper comfy rocker/glider and I found one! Keeping it a secret until it arrives. Just you wait for the unveiling.

Because her nursery is so tiny, I knew I couldn’t bring in a giant ottoman. I decided to create an ottoman using some amazeballs vinyl leather I happened upon in Idaho. I used Amy Butler’s Gumdrop Pillow pattern to create the ottoman. I should tell you that I’m not a fan of following patterns. I can’t. I’m impatient. I can’t read. I get really flustered and start to sweat when I have to cut out and pin the pattern pieces. Luckily, this was not the case with Amy’s (I’m on a first name basis) pattern. It took about five hours from start to finish. It would take Y-O-U less time I’m sure. I was really slow moving around the floor cutting things out. And then I took a break to eat some chicken wings.

DIY Leather Ottoman

Because I love the ottoman, and because I love chicken wings, I’ve decided to give away a few of these patterns to y’all! Three lucky winners will be randomly selected and gifted the pattern for gumdrop pillow heaven! Details below!


To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me the sewing project you are most proud of (if you have one!). Extra points if you complain about sewing like I do. For an extra entry, follow us on Instagramย (@properpinwheel)ย and leave a separate comment on this post telling me you’ve done so!

Giveaway Ends: Saturday, September 21st at 11pm pacific



Congratulations to the three winners: Erin from West Lake Craft, Tara from Tiny Hummingbird, and Jessie George! I’ll be emailing you ladies this afternoon!

The three winners will be announced next week on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Good luck! Now go to Buffalo Wild Wings and get some chicken for me for yourself.

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  1. Allison says

    My proudest sewing project is my only sewing project – a shirt I made with my sweet Aunt’s supervision. Though I’ve done a couple of garlands and I’ve stitched up a few holes, I’ve been too scared to work with a pattern on my own. However, this cute gumdrop pillow could be just the thing to get me going!

  2. Jenni says

    A pillow that I made when I was little with my grandmother. She always pulled out all of the prettiest fabrics she could find and we would border them with pretty lace patterns. I always loved helping grandma push the material through the machine and then stitch up the last side all by myself!

  3. says

    You did an AMAZING job! I’ve only really ever tried sewing pillows, because I’m still a bit insecure about my whole sewing abilities! So, I would have to say my favorite project would have to be my triangular pillows :)


  4. Kerrie says

    My proudest sewing project was probably a full-blown faux fur extravaganza outfit I made for a certain party in the desert. No pattern. Just sort of winged it. I almost cried many times (maybe even threw my scissors at some point), but when I was done…it actually fit! From head to freaking toe :)

  5. Alecia says

    My proudest sewing job is probably the curtains I made for my family room. They were really simple but there was so much fabric and it took me 4 years of living in our house before I finally made them. I would love this ottoman pattern. I have been trying to find the perfect pillows/cushions for my kids to sit on in our family room. This looks perfect and so cute. You did an awesome job!

  6. says

    This is sooo cute Lexi! You did a great job!! I am not that good at sewing and probably my only finished project is a 50s skirt I made after a sewing class I attended last year! sob sob…

  7. Melissa says

    Most proud of my pillow covers! Learned to sew on a machine and made them! also, why can’t measuring and cutting fabric be much easier than it really is. I wasted so much! ha! beginner problems. I would love to have the ability to make my little on some fun clothes but time and money are not on my side! refashioning needs to be in my blood…

  8. Ari says

    This looks great Lex! I love the nursery!! My favorite sewing project thus far is making my girlies some quilts. Im not very good at sewing but I still think it is super fun and a good way to unwind!

  9. says

    How stinkin’ cute is this?! I’m so impressed! My favorite sewing project is probably a derby clutch I made. Oh, and this super sweet faux fur hat I just made (blogging this week!). I would LOUVRE to win this pattern! Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!

  10. says

    I have been working on felt veggies for my daughters first birthday, they are coming out really cute! My complaint about sewing is that it takes so long and if you try to hurry you WILL screw it up lol!! Love this ottoman, really cute! I follow you on instagram too!

  11. Rosalyn says

    My sewing project that I’m most thrilled about is a bean big for my photography business! I would love to win this pattern! It’d be the perfect touch to my daughters room!

    I also follow you on instagram! My instagram user name is: @rosalynsalaiz

    Hope I’m lucky!

  12. Brenda Patrizio says

    I’m truly a beginner. I guess the shorts I made in 8th grade would be the project I’m most proud of! I wore those things until they fell apart. I really want to start sewing and this seems like a good start! I live in a small studio and want to add a pop of color with this ottoman. I follow you on Instagram (Scatter08). Hope I get picked!

  13. Elphy says

    Oh my I am horrible at sewing but I love creating little projects! Not only do I find it annoying to sew on a pro machine I honestly believe it is a foreign language all on its own! The worst part? I was taught to sew by my husband! How emberressing for me!! My favorite little sewing project I’ve created that I actually use is a drawstring undie bag and matching laundry bag for my suitcase for when I travel! I recommend everyone to have these, makes trips all that easier!
    Love your blog…and I love your Instagram posts, you always give me ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. says

    I have been compiling pics of that floor puff forever!!! So want to try it. Most proud to date of my fabric flower/brooch bouquet I did for a friend’s wedding. Working with burlap now and making some fabric flower decor items. My claim to fame though is felted wool…I can put just about anything on a pillow with felt!!

  15. Mel says

    Oh, I would love to win this one! I recently sewed some new covers for my Ikea Tulsta chairs….It was a pain in the keister but I love the way they turned out!

  16. Felicia Carpenter says

    The sewing project I’m most proud of would have to be my sons crib bedding. It’s the most I’ve ever branched out with sewing. I’m a blanket kind of gal. However it did take me till he was almost 7 months to finish it! I started when he was still inside! And I love the pouff!

  17. says

    Hi Lexy! I just found your blog. We were friends in high school – formely known as Danielle Hanks Ha! I love your blog. I’m having a baby at the end of November. Hoping I win the pattern, so my mom can sew it. I don’t sew, but I have lots of projects I’m proud she made me – my babies cute crib quilt.

  18. Lisa P says

    My favorite sewing project is easily the Wonder Woman costume I made my three year old. I’m sorry but I LOVE sewing. I rarely complain about it :/

  19. Stephanie Stark says

    The project I am most proud of is a baby blanket I made for my son. I even stitched/sewed it all by myself. I know, he is spoiled. Generally I get frustrated and cry when I sew, so I’m impressed by your skills :)

  20. Stephanie Stark says

    P.S. I also follow you on Instagram Sstark11
    P.P.S. I’m not some weird stalker we actually danced on Drill Team together in high school. (Go Dons!)

  21. Jessie says

    The project I am most proud of: a quiet/activity book for my kids. They love it!! (So I suppose it was worth the millions of hours I spent on it…) Thanks for a chance to win!

  22. Kaitie M says

    My mom is fantastic at sewing everything and that gene did not get passed down to me! As I venture into adulthood, and begun to learn how to sew, my biggest accomplishment so far has been making curtains and pillows- I know super hard right?! I can’t wait to see your finished nursery! I love it already!!

  23. says

    My most prized sewing project is probably my beach bag I made last summer. I have used that thing to death and while I don’t count myself as a perfectionist, I am happy I took my time with that one because she is still holding up!

  24. says

    My proudest sewing project would be an Amy Butler diaper bag that took me ALL DAY to complete, but I finished without too many pricked fingers and only slightly frazzled nerves. I’d love to win this pattern! Would be perfect for my own little one’s nursery.


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