DIY Pillow Box Valentines

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Ever since Alt Summit last year, I’ve been obsessed with pillow boxes. I used some transparent pillow boxes to hold my biz cards to give to people I met. While they were a pain to carry around, they definitely made a statement! (An over-achiever kind of statement, that’s what.) See my business cards here, complete with a garland and some confetti!

I spotted these kraft pillow boxes at Target and knew that they would make perfect Valentines for your loved ones or your kids’ classmates!. These DIY pillow box valentines are small enough to hold The Three C’s of Life: cash, candy, and confetti! Just kidding about the cash. Or am I? Maybe I bought love as a child, alright? I’d buy you too if I could…

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  • kraft pillow boxes (found at Target and other paper goods stores)
  • confetti and/or paper shreds
  • candy
  • cash (if this is a valentine for yours truly)

valentine 4

I don’t have to tell you how to stuff the box. Put all your goods inside and seal that sucker.

valentine 2You can put anything you want in these here valentines! I added some cute heart balloons, some felt lips, and lots of chocolate. Throw in a love note or two…

valentine 5

Once they’re full, decorate with patterned washi tape or a simple lovey demand. Pass out to your classmates in their homemade boxes at school! Remember those days? Instead of the sweet girly valentines, I used to give out Batman valentines. Because I mean business when it comes to love and buying friendships.

valentine 6

valentine 7

This is the kind of craft that is perfect for the kiddos, but it can also take on a more sophisticated look for adults. Nothing says romance like a sophisticated valentine. “Won’t you be mine, sir?” See? Sophistication in a box.

If you want to be really cool, you can fill these boxes all the way with confetti! One squeeze and these become confetti cups that will shoot and shake confetti to the masses!

Psss – we got a makeover! Trying to work a more simple and awesome vibe. What do you think?!

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photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

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