DIY Wooden Apple Garland

Wooden Apple Garland

So I’m a huge fan of the summer. I live to live in the sun and splash in the water. But I have a soft spot for the fall. I love the weather. I love the colors. And I love the apples. Ohhhhhhh do I love the apples!

At the end of summer, the kids go back to school. Sad day. Just kidding. An education is important. I’m educated. Can’t you tell? Help your kids or your friends that are teachers get back into the swing of things by making this little apple garland out of wood veneer!

wooden apple garland

apple garland 7

Wood veneer is one of my FAVORITE mediums to make with. I created this simple garland for One Charming Party and I feel like y’all should go and make your own! So head on over to One Charming Party for the full how-to and some more pictures!

{I’m really not trying to jump the gun and end summer. Because when summer ends, BG-dub gets here. Yikes!}

photo cred: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

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