Make A Stylish Tee For Yourself Or A Toddler

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out trying to raise her proper, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from Lindsey Marlor of Pillow Thought! She’s one of those amazingly stylish mamas that seems like they’ve got their shiz together. You go, Lindsey!
Hi, I’m Lindsey Marlor from Pillow Thought! I am so excited to be over on Lexy’s space today, while she soaks up her precious newborn! I have a blog over at, where I share our life and our take on mommy & me fashion! I want to share with all of you a cute little tutorial that anyone can make!

Sometimes when you buy store bought plain tees they are a bit bulky in the sleeves and collar.. But, I will show you simple steps on how to make a stylish top out of a basic tee!

If you would love to use this BONjour print I designed, click here for the download! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love for you to drop by and say hi!

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