Tut Tuesday: Potato Stamp Neon Napkins

I’m certainly not the first person to potato stamp. And I’m sure I won’t be the last. What I love most about this versatile veggie is that it’s so easy to manipulate. A few swipes with a knife and you’ve got yourself a pretty little CUSTOM stamp. I’m going to ride the neon wave as long as humanly possible. While I love plain white flour sack towels, I decided to jazz a few up with some neon paint and a geometric shape or two.

To make your own you’ll need:

  • neon paints in various colors (I chose pink and orange)
  • flour sack towels
  • russet potatoes
  • paint brush
  • plastic plate
  • knife

Cut the potato in half and use your knife to carve out a small design. I just wanted regular old rectangles. Carve out the edges around your shape so that it is raised above the rest of the surface. Paint a thin layer of paint onto your potato stamp and get crackin’.

It’s kind of fun to overlap the colors. I believe in diversity.

Be a great neighbor or friend and deliver some fresh homemade bread wrapped in one of these lovelies.

These also accompany your meal quite nicely. Fold it up and weight it down with the heaviest fork you can find. It’s almost too pretty to wipe your mouth on it, don’t ya think?

The Mom, Inc. giveaway closes tonight so hurry on up and enter!

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  1. says

    How are the towels after you wash them? Does the paint stay on?? I love flour sack towels. We have a few, but I bleach the mo-fo out of them because they seem to get so dingy! I still need to jazz up our place mats from that other tutorial you did.

    • Lexy says

      The towels are fine! Just make sure you wash with whites. Paint stayed on just fine. :) Flour sack towels are tough because they get so gross and grey. Just make sure these painted ones stay out of the way of big, dirty messes!

    • Lexy says

      Haha, Beth! Glad I’ve got those wheels-a-spinnin’! You absolutely HAVE to break out the neon paint. Go to town.

    • Lexy says

      The possibilities are endless! That’s why I love flour sack towels. They look great even wrapped up in a little twine. So cute!

  2. says

    Tried the same with some house paint (diluted), because thats all I had. Surprisingly (well at least to me) it does an admirable job of coordinating EXACTLY with my new paint job in the kitchen and dining room (who would have guessed?). Thanks for the tip, my son and I had fun surprising mum. You mate in Australia, Jonathon.

    • Lexy says

      Hi Jonathon! Thanks your comment. Glad to hear you and your son had a good time surprising the Mrs. :) These are DEFINITELY easy to customize. I’d love to see pics of what you two came up with! xo, Lexy

    • Lexy says

      Hey Erin! Thanks for stopping over! I’m definitely thinking of Christmas, too. It’s almost that time! A few more months and we can put the tree up! :)

  3. says

    I wonder, could this be done and still washed and dried? I would love to do this in a curtain or flat sheet for kids bedroom decor? Pillow fabric cover? What type of paints would that require I wonder? Could I still use ACRYLICS? … Anyone ..?
    In the meantime, my kindest thanks to you for sharing such an inspirational idea! Its blown my creativity hat off and Im excited to try something of my own–with confidence, as youve detailed the simplicity of this DIY. Here goes everything. Wish me luck lol ;D

    • says

      DONE!! We used some clothing and a crinkle shaped potatoe cutter blade from DollarStore! THANKS SOmuch for the inspiration! The LO loved to be a fashion designer at four and couldn’t wait to show off her art at school today:D


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