Tut Tuesday: Wooden Fruit Cups


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I always try to do a fancy dinner or a big brunch. Fruit is always fun to serve and these wooden cups are a fun way to dish up to your main Mama. Inspired by this post, these wooden cups were found at Michael’s for $2.99 for a pack of 4! They also come with an adorable wooden tray. Read the full how-to after the jump.

You will need:

  • Martha Stewart Glitter Paint in Antique Silver
  • Paintbrush
  • Wooden plant boxes found at your local craft store ($2.99 for 4 at Michael’s)


Paint each side of the box with the glitter paint leaving the top edge unfinished. Let dry and paint one more coat to really glitterify.

Once dry, fill with assorted fruit, add some colorful cutlery, and enjoy your gorgeous new sparkly serveware!


**Happy Tuesday**








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    • Lexy says

      you won’t be disappointed. i’m all about quick and easy projects that create instant gratification. these are so easy to make.

  1. says

    LOVE!! We will be driving back home from our beach trip on mothers day this year! Sad to leave the beach, and sad not to have a “mom day off” like I usual get on mothers day!!!!

  2. says

    Oh, my, do I love this! I’ve got a special affinity for the wooden items aisle at the craft store because of adorable projects like this one…so, so many possibilities!

    • Lexy says


      I go to Michael’s twice a week and they know me by name! It’s a sickness, I tell you. A sickness.

    • Lexy says

      thanks, kristine! it’s getting more fun to play around with a camera now that i pretend to know what i’m doing!!!

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Victoria! These were so ridiculously easy to make, and ridiculously cute! (If I may say so myself. :))


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