Fresh Find Friday

photo by Hank and Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion

It’s April. It’s Easter. It’s almost Christmas, for pete’s sake! Are you doing anything fun for the holiday? We’re having dinner with some friends, and going to cruise around for some Easter egg hunts. The usual.

The pic above is from cute Jenny @ Hank and Hunt. She always has the cutest projects that involve something gilded. I love this. Follow these instructions to have these cute lil’ cottontails holding your place cards this Sunday.

Business time:

It’s not too late for your Easter eggs.

Wall tape? Oh no. This is not good for my tape obsesh.

Let’s talk about how beautiful she is.

You know I love glitter.

Drab to fab curtains in a cinch.

Love these birthday cards.


Miss this week’s DIY? No fear.

**happy weekend**





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  1. says

    Not doing anything over the top. Just eating a good ham, potato casserole, green beans, rolls….you know, just another reason to stuff my face! Lol I need to jazz up our table settings to make it a bit more festive.

  2. says

    We are hosting a couple people for Easter and while Chris always goes over the top with the food, we never get shmancy with the table. You’ve inspired me big time! I think I’ll dress it up and make it special.

    P.S. Beyonce!!!!!

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