Fresh Find Friday

photo by Kersey Campbell of Ardor

Yes!!! It’s here! My favorite day of the week. Actually, I prefer most Saturdays, but still. I’m so happy this week is coming to a close. The weather is nicer. The grass is getting greener. I’m getting bigger… wait, what? That was NOT a pregnancy announcement. I just discovered that, after 15 years, Walmart is carrying Dunkaroos again. So, naturally, I bought them out.

The leather notebook above was made by cute Kersey Campbell. She runs the blog, Ardor. It’s filled with cute DIYs, and some amazing design. The how-to for these stylish books can be found here. Go now. Go and get lost in the beauty that is her site.

The goods:

*Did you miss this week’s DIY?

**Happy to say that The Proper Pinwheel is sponsoring Hank & Hunt. Sweet Jenny posted about it over here!



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