Fresh Find Friday

Hola! What’s goin’ on? I’ll tell you what’s goin’ on. It’s Friday, that’s what. It’s Friday and tomorrow is the big day. I just love Cinco de Mayo. It’s unfortunate that I’ll be working all day, but hey, I have to pay for all those funnel cakes somehow. It’s true. Funnel cake is my main food group. Anything fried, really.

The photo above is from little miss Camille Styles. Her projects are so fun and this one is perfect for tomorrow. Head on over here for the how-to!

Los finds:

Some cute food picks for your treats.

This has to be the best garland I have ever seen.

Leave these on someone’s doorstep? Ok.

Oh pull piñatas. So useful.

Put these in your drinks tomorrow.

I’m totally in the piñata mood!

Wear this at tomorrow’s party. And buy this one, too!

**Happy Weekend**

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  1. Amanda says

    Such a fun link post! Bummer that you have to work tomorrow, I was gonna throw out an invite to come check out this years first Horseshoe Market. : ) I was a vendor last year so this year I’m so excited to just SHOP! Have a great weekend.


    • Lexy says

      Gasp! I saw that the horseshoe market was tomorrow. I’m itching to go. Hopefully we can catch the next one? Your the farmer’s market genius. :)

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