Fresh Find Friday


Bada bing. Another week has flown by and I’m amazed at how I just can’t catch up. I thought it was last week and when I found out that we were in THIS week, I freaked. Where is June going, people?

The photo above is by yours truly. I’m over at This Heart of Mine today explaining how to clog your arteries. No biggie. Head on over there to learn all about eating healthy and stuff. Amy just launched her new summer series so make sure to read a bunch of the other contributor posts to give you tips for a jam-packed summer!

In other news: did you see that we’re on’s new magazine? Their online mag just got a facelift and I’m happy to say a few of my projects are going to frequent those beautiful cyber pages in the “At Home” section. What’s on right now? The pretty porcelain dishes that you should check out if you haven’t already!

the goods:

Did you know that it was Cake Week?

I never loved cherries until now.

These lace flower pots are way too pretty.

Me and glitter. It’s a sickness.

Sriracha lollipops! I can’t handle Big Red gum, but these sure are cute.

My bosses need to throw a party like this.

Still can’t find them on the site, but these dishes are real!

**Happy Weekend** 

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  1. says

    Where do all of these sweets go after you bake them? Do you feed them to your husband? Your dog? Yourself? Well whatever you do with them, they make me drool. Kidding. Sort of..

    • Lexy says

      Sometimes I eat them. Most of the times Logan eats them. I usually give them away to people. Like neighbors or coworkers. I want everyone around me to be fat and happy.

  2. Kinzie says

    I would be happy to take that cake off your hands Lexy :) haha. I told Michelle I ws kind of glad you couldn’t make it to Kevin’s shin dig because I was embarrassed by my lack of party throwing skills. They don’t hold a candle to yours. haha :) But honestly we were sad you couldn’t make it :(

    • Lexy says

      Stop it right there! You have mad party skills so I don’t know what drugs you’ve been taking. I was so sad I couldn’t make it. But I’ll definitely be there for the next one! 31 is so different from 30! You can defeintely have the next cake. I’ll make. You eat.

  3. Haley Wilson says

    Umm holy crap you are amazing! Next time you are in UT you need to call me because I miss you. Plus I want to take a picture with you so I can brag how my friend is famous and have proof.

    • Lexy says

      You are so funny, Hay. We will most definitely be hanging out next time I’m in town. I still want to come and see your new place! :)

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Dene! I’m so tempted to try the Sriracha lollipops, but I know they’ll finish me. You can have the whole cake! Have a great weekend. :)


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