Fresh Find Friday

photo by Weekday Carnival

Hey friendlies! It’s the weekend and I’m headed to Vegas. My youngest sister just turned 21 so I’m off to party. Disclaimer: When I say “party”, I mean “indulge in 6+ slices of cheesecake at the buffet at The Mirage”. I mean it. This week was crazy-long. I didn’t have to work on the 4th, but that made going back to work yesterday that much harder. Two Mondays make Lexy a little strange, so it’s a good thing I’m going to Sin City to gain a few pounds and lose a few bucks. 😉 Oh, and you KNOW there’s gonna be some Instagram action. Stay updated: @lexyjo.

In other news: there’s going to be a superb (SUPERB!) giveaway on the blog this coming Monday, so you best be stoppin’ by. :) Get ready!

Have you heard of Weekday Carnival? Surely you must have. There’s so much eyecandy to be seen like this pretty and simply lovely wedding. The colors are everything I love about life. Go check it out and try to stop your jaw from dropping. You’ll fail, but I love ya no matter what.

What you came for:

I don’t eat tomatoes, but I may have to grow and give!

I’m sorry, Sprinkles Ice Cream? Be still my clogged heart.

I’m loving this wrapping paper. The French. They’re just so smart!

Amanda Jane Jones. That girl. This printable.

This should go around my neck. And your neck.

If Logan and I worked together, I won’t say what would happen. 😉

From: Chelsea. To: Your picnic table.

Apple pie. With caramel. No other words.

The prettiest cookie that I could not eat. Oh wait, yes I could.

**See y’all on Monday**

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  1. says

    So, Corb and I have ALWAYS worked together, and we love it. I realize it’s not for every couple out there, but for us it’s ideal. Love that little link.

    • Lexy says

      You guys are so great together! Logan and I go to the gym together and after an hour we’re ready to come home! We’re just so similar! :)

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