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photo by Angie Dudley via Curbly

So it’s Friday. And I’m in Utah. It’s just a quick trip to see some friends and family and eat at all of my favorite dives. I love places like that. You know this to be true. I promise I’ll be more involved here next week. This week has just been super crazy and these online pages had to take backseat for a minute. BUT NEVER AGAIN! This just in: I just got word that there is a big ole’ crafty fair tomorrow hosted by Slug Magazine. It’s called Craft Lake City. oh em gee.  I’ll definitely be hitting that up tomorrow. Who’s with me?! Oh – and People Water will be there. Maybe I’ll see Jef! 😉

This summer is flying by way too fast. Kids are already going back to school? What the? To end the summer right, you should throw a little bash for the kiddies. And what better way to celebrate than with these cute little push cakes? They’re pencils, you guys! Do you see it? I love them. View the how-to right here.

what you came for:

Stencils in kids rooms. I’m a fan.

This is right up my alley.

I live and die by the fox.

This. Done to everything.

Great prints for an office.

A delicious summer snack.

Would you ever do something like this?

Gold anything.

*See ya mañana. Except that I won’t. :)*

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    • Lexy says

      What a perfect gift for Brandon! You should totally download. I’m sure he doesn’t read this blog so I think your secret is safe here! I wish I could come, but I’m having dinner with some friends tonight at Blue Lemon. Have you heard of it? Is it good? Will I like it?

      Give Brandon a birthday hug for me! :)

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