Fresh Find Friday

photos via SF Girl By Bay

So this has been one crazy week! And it’s been filled with crazy awesomeness. That’s the best way to put it. I won two giveaways. Not one, but TWO! I entered a giveaway over on Chris Loves Julia and I won! Julia is a good friend of mine so we were cracking up over how crazy it is that I won. And then?!? I get a twitter notification from Victoria over at SF Girl By Bay saying I won her giveaway! I swear, since I won the Sweet Paul Giveaway, things have really been looking up. I should probably buy a lottery ticket next, right? Try my luck?

The photos above were spotted on SF Girl By Bay (that girl has photog skill) and they are some of my favorites this week. The Curiosity Shoppe in San Fran teamed up and collaborated with Target and they are going to sell some super cool/retro/i’m obsessed with it all stuff in The Shops At Target starting on September 9th. It’s like that time Missoni came and the site crashed for the day. It’s pure bliss, people. There is some seriously fun stuff that I am going to beat down anyone in my way to get. I’m competitive. There was even a big ole’ party at Stable Cafe to give a little preview. Read more and see more here, here, and here.

The goods:

this is some seriously good wedding stationery.

i’ve always loved a good lamp.

these envelopes are the shiz.

Jenny and Hellobee know what’s up.

Instagrams from Alt NYC. Martha showed up. I watched virtually. I died.

pretty necklace DIY.

these pies, i tell you!

i love blue & white together.

i think i could do this.

**happy weekend**

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