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Someone arrest Mother Nature. There is snow on the ground here in Denver and I haven’t even enjoyed Fall yet! Holy moly. I’m sure glad it’s Friday! I’m especially looking forward to this weekend because I have four projects to finish and I think I’m actually going to have enough time to finish them. Hallelujah. I’m also heading off to my favorite flea market (check out my finds with the hashtag #fleamarketgram) in the Denver area. Tomorrow is the last day of their season. I’ve got to come up with some cash. I would say I’ll rob a bank, but I don’t want to admit to anything over the internet. 😉

**If you happen to be in the south Denver area and have been dying to do the flea market thing, I would LOVE it if you came with me! Email me for more details if you’re interested – or you can reach me through the contact form.**

Let’s get down to brass tacks:

25 things to do with a pumpkin.

This is currently on my iphone.

I’m diggin’ this knit cape.

Liz has done it again!

I’m pretty sure Joy is going to heaven for these tasty treats.

The Ultimate.

The sweetest surprise!

Lisa is one of my faves. Look at this pie!

A garland, of course, of course.


photo cred: Lexy Ward via VSCO cam

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    • Lexy says

      Julia, the weather was HORRIBLE here. I didn’t make it to my fave flea market, but I did manage to find a smaller one near my house. I got a few things, so stay tuned for pics! :)

  1. says

    snow in denver! it’s still hot hot hot here in CA. hard to believe it’s fall. though i am making pumpkin cookies just to make it feel more real.

    have fun at the flea!

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