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It’s Friday! It’s the weekend! Holy crap! I’m happy about it. For some reason, this week was short and rushed and long and painful. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I was so happy to get out of bed this morning knowing that I am welcoming the weekend today. I’m finishing up a big project this weekend and I’m so happy with how it’s turning out! (sneak peek)

The photo above was spotted on The Sweetest Occasion. That site, I swear. I’m always amazed by the beautiful things shared there. This DIY etched glass brings back a classic DIY and gives it a sweet feel with those pearly-pink baubles. What a great idea for some holiday gifts. Am I right?

the goods:

everything needs to be faceted.

a traditional advent calender.

a 99 cent DIY and it’s golden!

FREE downloadable gift tags for the holidays.

just ordered our holiday cards. can you guess which one we picked?

look at this centerpiece. perfect for thanksgiving, no?

vintage-inspired ornaments.

**Happy Weekend**

photo cred: The Sweetest Occasion

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