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Fresh Find Friday, Christmas Wreath, Paper Wreath, The Red Thread, The Proper Pinwheel

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am ready to eat. I’m ready for the turkey. I’m ready for the stuffing. I’m ready for the pie. Bring it on. This is the last weekend of holiday prep for this here blog. I sure hope you are ready for the new holiday series – MISSION: MERRY 2012! (Follow #MissionMerry2012 on instagram!) There will be lots of sneak peeks on Instagram this weekend of all the projects you’ll be able to make next month. I’m also attending a ltitle crafty Holi-DIY with You Are My Fave at Anthropologie. If you’re in Denver, will you be there? Can’t wait to see what that girl has in store. It’s a craft-filled weekend!

The wreath above was spotted on The Red Thread¬†and I’m a huge fan of the colors. I love Christmas wreaths, but if they can be used year-round, then color-me-satisfied. See the how-to here.

let’s talk about these:

one great advent.

paper christmas trees.

my favorite thanksgiving printable.

neon for life.

paper straws. blown up.

party at alt revealed! what will you wear?

**happy weekend**

photo cred: the red thread

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    • Lexy says

      Thea! I’m so glad you found me in IG! I’m getting sooo excited for MISSION: MERRY 2012! We just finished a bunch of projects yesterday. Can’t wait for you to see! :)

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