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Ranunculas from Trader Joes

Hey-o! You know that yesterday was the first day of spring, right? Did you make memories? I sure did. V and I trekked over to the newest Trader Joe’s in Denver! And it was organic. And busy. It was organically busy. But we picked up some gorgeous ranuncs and chocolate (of course), and it was a magical time. Luckily, the weather cooperated and sent some sun our way! Sun on the first day of Spring is a requirement, no?

We’ve got plans this weekend. Television plans. Downton Abbey plans. Vampire Diaries plans. News (?) plans. While we work on our plans, you should work on these plans:

Saw these wordy balloons made firsthand!

And I was gifted one of these airplant cups!

Copper & marble shelves. For under $2 bucks!!!

You’ve been flocked.

I’m thinking this technique would make an excellent garland!

Postpartum. Black clothing. Of course.

Mini treat boxes for Easter eggs!

I’ve been obsessing over this floral mirror.

An excellent read on how to choose flowers from the market.

Oh my. These balloons. I’ll be making.

Don’t forget to enter the colorful giveaway!

**happy weekend**

photography: Instagram via The Proper Pinwheel

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