A fantastically French wedding

There’s something to be said about small and intimate weddings. The beautiful thing about planning your big day is that it is YOUR big day. No one else’s. You can make it as big or as small as you want and every little detail is customized to your liking.  Today’s featured wedding took place in the south of France and starred two adorable Frenchies. I freakin’ love the French because they have such exquisite taste. I just used the words “freakin'” and “exquisite” in the same sentence. You’re welcome for that.

Look how beautiful these wooden benches are! They’re dressed up with some greenery and rustic blooms and they set the stage for the ceremony.

Oh, hello, cute couple.

Can I have a sign pointing to Paris at my next wedding? Same husband, different details.

What a gorgeous venue!

Birds on a wire? Or are they place cards? Genius.

This cute pup was floating around as the bride was getting ready. So sweet!

I love these vintage spoons. And I also love how happy the bride & groom look.

The French really are fantastic. These photos are absolutely stunning and you can view more here. Do you love the watermark as much as I do?

All photos by Ela & The Poppies Photography

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  1. says

    Hi Lexy,
    Just for the record, one of the “adorable Frenchies” is actually Austrian. Probably difficult to recognize without his Lederhose 😉
    Being the groom, I have to say that the wedding in France’s Ardèche region was fantastic! What a great thing to not only share this special moment with all our international friends from across Europe but also have Anne Sophie taking these wonderful photos that absolutely capture every single moment of that day. From what she told us, clients already make her attend their weddings abroad…
    And for the rest, a party as only as good as its invitees – and ours were just amazing! Thank you guys!

    • Lexy says

      Hi Marcus! You definitely pass for French without those Lederhose! :) If you can believe it, I love Austria even more than I love France! I was there for a bit in college and am dying for the chance to return someday. I’m so happy to pass along the beauty that was your wedding day! Anne Sophie did such an amazing job and I’m sure the memories will stay with you forever.



    • Lexy says

      Don’t the birds on a wire just floor you? A friend of mine is getting married and now she wants to use the same concept at her wedding. :)

    • Lexy says

      It totally is! The photography just made my jaw drop. I wish she lived here in the states! I’d invite her to live with me.


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