Four Anniversary Gift Ideas I Just Might Have To Pounce On

Logan’s and my anniversary is coming up at the end of this month. While we have been busy working and prepping for the baby, I’ve also been scouring the web searching for the perfect way to celebrate. This will be our last chance to spoil each other (read: eat at McDonald’s/party at Dave & Buster’s) before Baby Girl Ward gets here.

Anniversary via You Are My Fave

Melanie of You Are My Fave totally nailed it with this marriage timeline. Highlighting the memorable moments of a marriage could be just the ticket when it comes to a sentimental gift. And we all know how sappy Logan can be.

wooden wedding ring

The man always wanted a wooden ring. At first, I couldn’t get on board. How do you shower with it? What if you get a splinter?! Won’t it start to warp? I was so mistaken, you guys. There are all sorts of classy wooden rings out there. Take a look at these titanium and wood ones from the Hersteller shop on Etsy.

impressionist pocket square

To make Logan a little more classy (as if that’s even possible!), I may just have to snag this Impressionist Pocket Square from Fox and Brie on Etsy!

lyric wall art

If I really decide to create something special and unique, I’d take a page out of Elsie and Emma’s book and create some wall art using a favorite lyric or quote! Maybe an inside joke that means something to both of us. Take a look at this Song Lyric Wall Art from A Beautiful Mess!

We’re coming up on the fifth year. Any suggestions/tips/creative ways to celebrate?

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  1. says

    Love the pocket square! If I could just get Jeff to wear something that would actually require a pocket square, I’d be golden. :) Happy (almost) anniversary Lex!

  2. bridgette says

    My sister just did the “A Year of Dates” gift for her anniversary, I will be doing it next year or maybe for Christmas. PS- Our hubs are friends from Iona…one day he heard me talk about something I saw on The Proper Pinwheel and said that’s my friend Logan’s wife :)

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