Inspiration: Rainbow Wedding

Okay. Okay. It’s been a while since I’ve shared some wedding inspiration. So here ya go. Holy moly, can you believe the cake above? I’ve always had a rainbow wedding in the back of my mind. I’m married, but I’d do it all over again. I’d change a few things and a rainbow theme sounds like just the ticket. PLUS – it pulls any color scheme. Seriously. That cake is amazeballs.

Oh hey, that’s some pretty yarn goin’ on up in there. You can find a plethura of colors at your local fabric store. But if you can’t find the exact color you are looking for, DIY it. Just buy yarn, dye, and start dippin’. It’s that easy. And it’s affordable. Win win.

To make these bow-ties, just head to your local fabric store and buy a bunch of cheap fabric quarters. That orange bow tie up top was made with the same fabric I used for this DIY Cake Bunting. Don’t know how to sew? NBD. (That means “no big deal”, but my brother will tell you that it means “never back down”. Both are excellent interpretations!) Click here for a no-sew bow tie tutorial!

The photography is so eye-catching. I just wish I was cool enough to attend this wedding. Maybe some day. All photos above by Nine Photography. Wedding spotted on Wedding Chicks. Click here to see the whole gallery!

The photo above is by a different bride, but showcases an excellent way to add a hint of color, or a LOT of color, to your dress. Just stitch in a little tulle underneath! Spotted on Rock n Roll Bride. Photo by I Love That Glove.

Did you have a rainbow theme for your wedding? Would you ever do something this bold and beautiful? Do tell!

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