Spotlight: In Love With Pretty Polaroid Notes

Hey y’all. I want to share with you my favorite gift to send to friends in the mail. I spotted these awesome polaroid cards in Urban Outfitters last year and have been smitten ever since. They’re adorable little notecards with polaroid-shaped envelopes to mail off! The photography is to die for and these cards just scream summer to me. I love sending birthday wishes or just letting a friend know that I have been thinking of them and these cards capture my moods perfectly.

Jenifer Altman, Amanda Gilligan, and Susannah Conway are the brains behind it all and they teamed up with Chronicle last year to produce TWO(!) sets of polaroid notes as well as a book. Instant Love is available in bookstores and online. I just picked it up and have been buried in the pages. I’m such a sucker for polaroids. I guess that’s why I gravitate towards crazy photo-editing apps like Instagram. I’m an addict, I guess.

ANYWAY – you have to track these little notecards down and add them to your “too-pretty-to-ever-actually-use” collection.

all photos by Amanda Gilligan of Mocking Bird


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  1. says

    I love this post – I’m a novelty camera junkie like you! I’m never without Instagram (username: alijadorn) and I love to play with my Holga whenever I go out on adventures. And, of course, I made my wedding photographer purchase some Polaroid film to use with my old Spectra on the big day. These notes are so cute… Time to save my pennies, I guess!

    PS – I’m a fellow client/fan of Joy Laforme. Love your site! :)

    • Lexy says

      I know! I always find the best cards there. I was just browsing the sale racks the other day and found some blackmail-like tattoos. They’re so cool. I’ll have to post some pics when I make an ABC sleeve. 😉

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