Spotlight: In Love With Yellow Bug Quilts

Geometric Quilt for The Proper Pinwheel by Yellow Bug Quilts

Baby Girl Ward has definitely been spoiled. And she isn’t even out of the womb yet! A good friend of mine, Rachel of Yellow Bug Quilts, reached out to me a while ago with the idea to make a custom quilt for the little gal. Of course I’m not going to say no! Well, the quilt is here now and I have to just tell you all how amazing it is, how amazing Rachel is, and how amazing Yellow Bug Quilts is!

Yellow Bug Quilts is an online custom quilt shop. CUSTOM, people. Rachel works with each customer individually helping them choose fabrics, design layout, size, and any other quilt information one would need for the quilt of their dreams. Each quilt is one of a kind because Rachel works closely with each customer to give them a uniquely perfect quilt! She plans the design with you and works and works until it’s exactly what you want.

Geometric Quilt for The Proper Pinwheel by Yellow Bug Quilts

When she and I first started the process, I showed her a few of the fabrics I was working with in BG-dub’s nursery. I have been using several from Sarah Watson’s Indian Summer line. Those fabrics set the tone for how the rest of the nursery would look. Rachel went to her local fabric store, got a few swatches, and started playing with designs. I told her elements I liked, sent her examples of quilts I loved, and she responded quickly with her ideas.

Geometric Quilt for The Proper Pinwheel by Yellow Bug Quilts

These beauties are just a few samples of the quilt mock-ups she sent over. We played around a lot because I’m crazy and picky and indecisive! Unless the decision-making involves whether or not you should eat a corndog. Then the answer is always “yes”.

Geometric Quilt for The Proper Pinwheel by Yellow Bug Quilts

Geometric Quilt for The Proper Pinwheel by Yellow Bug Quilts

Once we finalized a design, Rachel got to work. The girl pumps out quilts like a machine! I couldn’t believe how quickly this arrived on my doorstep. And when it did, I almost went into labor from excitement. It’s a bit bigger than a quilt for a tiny little infant so that Baby Girl can snuggle with this for a long time. It coordinates so well with her nursery and all of the fabrics I’ve been using. I look at all of the triangles and couldn’t begin to tell you how Rachel did it all. I’m a fan of square block quilts. I can work a nice square quilt. ;)

Geometric Quilt for The Proper Pinwheel by Yellow Bug Quilts

I hung the quilt above BG-dub’s crib so you could see it in all its glory. It’s absolutely phenomenal and the best part is that nobody else will ever have a quilt like it. It’s custom for baby girl. One of a kind. I can’t wait to snuggle her up inside it! We all know that this baby loves the spotlight so a custom quilt is the perfect gift for her. :)

If you are expecting, have children, don’t want to sew, CAN’T sew, or are a human, you should definitely check out Yellow Bug Quilts. I’m not kidding. It’s so worth it. You dream up the quilt and an expert makes it happen. This was such a fun experience and allowed me to play with my creativity and having someone else bring it to life! Rachel will make sure that you have the quilt of your dreams. Plus, she’s just the sweetest person on the planet. Win win. Visit the Yellow Bug Quilts blog to read more details about this quilt and the whole process!

*I was given this quilt free of charge, but all opinions are 100% my own. Yellow Bug Quilts didn’t ask for promotion. I chose to give it a shout out because Rachel is that amazing and I only want amazing-ness in your life! 

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

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  1. says

    That is stunning! I always get so nervous mixing and matching patterns. I love the look, but it’s so easy to get wrong. I’ve been looking at fabric swatches for our yellow and gray master bedroom for 4 months! Your nursery is turning out great. All the colors and patterns work so well together. Question…is the upper left photo in the collage the back of the quilt? Would love to see it!

    • Lexy says

      Hi Kerrie! Yes! The back of the quilt is the coral fabric with three strips of coordinating fabrics on one side. I’ll snap a pic and get it up this week! :) Mixing fabrics is definitely tricky. I loved Rachel because she would tell me when the quilt was looking “too busy”. It’s so helpful before you make the mistake of sewing it and then hating it!

  2. says

    Amazing! My mom is a phenomenal quilter and I have been itching to start myself. This quilt is just one of many that I’ve seen that has really started to light the fire!

    and ps you’re going to be an amazing mother!

    • Lexy says

      Aw, thanks, Meags! Start making some quilts! Prepping for baby’s nursery has definitely made me sew more than I ever have before!

  3. Sue. says

    What a lovely quilt…and I can personally say that Rachel of Yellow Bug Quilts is a lovely person as well. I love that quilt!


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