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Friday the 13th. Beware. I read an article somewhere that was about things and places to avoid on this day. You shouldn’t go outside. You shouldn’t stay inside. You shouldn’t breathe air. I mean. This is bad, guys. Be careful. 😉

We are taking Miss V on her first camping trip tonight. And as I type this, I’m starting to regret that decision. What kind of shenanigans could we get into on Friday the 13th? Yeepers!!! Say a prayer that things go smooth and that the s’mores are still tasty! I think it’s the perfect way for Logan to really exercise his manly parenting skills in time for Father’s Day, don’t you?

This Texas loft reveal is amazing!

Pop art for your pops!

Toasted Coconut Mango ice cream. Yes.

We will be making this for Logan.

I’ve been eating healthy lately and these breakfast ideas sound delish!!!

I’d like my bedroom surrounded by brick, please.

Coasters for dads that the kids can make!

Mix n match donuts. I thank the heavens that Melissa was born.

**happy weekend**

photography: JFK & daughter, Caroline. Ed Clark—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

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