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DIY Watercolor Plates

It’s National Donut Day! Donuts! Donuts! DONUTS!!! Oh  my, it’s National Donut Day over here. And I’m so sad to say that I’m a little sick and won’t be able to venture out and eat all the donuts in Denver. Which I had plans to do. So sad. So you best head out and hit up every bakery withing 50 miles of wherever it is you live! You must! It’s for a good cause!

Now, for the donuts – 

Kel made a week out of it. Donut week! with a giveaway!

Donut Macarons. Oh holy hell!

And then there are watermelon donuts.

Celebrate your food coma with this DIY donut pillow.

Make these DIY watercolor plates to rest the donuts on!

Donut cupcakes!

**Happy Donut Day**

photography: The Proper Pinwheel for My Chinet

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