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Winter Water Factory Children's Clothing
Guys. You should probably know that I’m obsessed with baby clothes. I mean it. I don’t care what I look like. As long as my babe looks good, I’m happy. Real happy. Most days, we don’t even leave the house. Most days I’m in pajamas. But most days, Vita’s in real clothes, and she’s all lotioned up and smellin’ delicious and lookin’ fine.

Before I had Vita-girl, I had perused the interwebs to find the cutest baby clothes that were hi-qual. (That’s Lexy-speak for high quality.) There’s Baby Gap, of course, and I’m partial to Old Navy. I was on Instagram one day when I saw Winter Water Factory tagged by one of the grammers that I stalk. I loved the patterns that I was seeing and immediately bookmarked those folks. The quality goods are quality goods, I tell you.

I’ve got my eye on this Vienna Dress. It’s the perfect item to show off Vita’s thigh dimples.

Winter Water Factory Children's Clothing

I’m on the Winter Water Factory bandwagon. I may even be the driver. And I want you in the car with me. We just went from wagons to cars? Back on track – I’m so obsessed with WWF that I was able to convince them to give away $100 to one of you. I know. I may as well be Santa Claus! 😉

Winter Water Factory Children's Clothing

“I don’t have a baby though!” – you could possibly be thinking. Don’t fret! There are adult goodies as well so you’re covered. There’s home goodies ,too!  Hello, kitchen towels

Winter Water Factory Children's Clothing

What do you need to do to toss your hat in the ring? Details below, my friends. It’s a rafflecopter kinda thing so there are plenty of chances to win!

Giveaway ends Friday, May 23rd, at 11:30pm Mountain Time. Open to US residents only – sorry internationals! I’m workin’ on somethin’ great for you!

Good luck, friends!

Winter Water Factory Children's Clothing



Congratulations to the winner, Tori Anne! :)

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photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

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  1. Liz says

    Oh oh! What a great giveaway! And the pictures of your daughter are precious! My first memory would have to be blowing bubbles in the bathtub!

  2. Jen says

    One of my earliest memories is sitting on top of the heating vent, all limbs tucked into my nightgown, snuggling up and enjoying the heat. :-)

  3. Tanae says

    It would have to be my dad putting up my twin day bed. I was probably 3 at the time. I remember it being hilarious because he couldn’t get it together and my mom was telling him what to do and their may have been a few choice words thrown in their 😉

  4. Lindsay says

    My first memory is so silly, but I remember going up the escalator holding my daddy’s hand and at the top there were tvs to the right. I asked my dad about it awhile back and he said I was about two and we were at Sears buying a tv if he was remembering the right time. Such a weird thing to remember.

  5. Kara Hughes says

    LOVE Winter Water Factory for our girl! My first memory is of pouring over the printed somehow-not-creepy clown scene that was the design on a soft flannel changing pad my mother would use to bed or a couch diaper changes. Peachy and butter colored balloons. :)

  6. says

    One of my first memories was a little traumatic, but oh well! I tripped over a drain pipe while being watched by one of my favorite babysitters and took a digger on the driveway. But she brought me what would become my favorite stuffed animal of all time afterward, so everything worked out well in the end! :)

  7. Trisha says

    My first memory is being scared to death of the costumed characters at an amusement park. Ha. Love WWF <3 !

  8. says

    We’re having a wee baby boy in a few months and I feel like there are so many more options for girls’ clothes than there are for boys. EXCEPT with Winter Water Factory – seriously I love their boy stuff.

  9. Heather says

    Ooh, let’s see, it’s probably of being in an apartment we lived in when my parents first moved to Colorado in the VERY early 80’s. It’s a blur of horribly colored shag carpet.

  10. says

    My first memory is jumping in a swimming pool at about 2 years old. I sank to the bottom and was really excited to watch my bubbles going up. I was so happy when I saw my moms legs coming towards me and knew that she’d pick me up. No fear, just happiness.

  11. Karen A says

    One of my first memories as a kid was climbing out of my crib to get to my parents in the kitchen :) I hope my little boy has a good first memory!

  12. says

    The earliest memories I have are from when my mom was pregnant with my brother, so I must have been 3. I remember going to the doctor with my mom and the doctor asking if I wanted a brother or sister. I also remember the day my brother was born really clearly.

  13. Marisa Monroe says

    One of my first memories as a kid is jumping off the high dive. I think I was about 4. I was so scared but I couldn’t turn around because there was a line of kids waiting. So I just did it. I remember being so excited I actually jumped, I wanted to do it 50 more times!

  14. Em Ma says

    My first memory is when my parents brought my little sister home from the hospital – I gave her all my toys; it didn’t take long for me to regret that decision!

  15. Melinda says

    First memory involves dancing with my dad to his Van Morrison albums. I’ve been a fan of WWF for a while now and love, love, love their dresses and rompers.

  16. Darcie says

    My first memory as a child is of my grandmother’s lap. She lived around the corner and when I was little, anytime a door was left open I would make a break for it and go to her house and that lap. She called me “little red”. She died shortly thereafter and I don’t remember her face, but I remember sitting in her lap, while she sang and bounced me, waiting for my mom to come claim me.

  17. Mary says

    My first memory as a child was my older brother cutting the hair off of my strawberry shortcake doll as he hung her by her hair from the bunk above me. She came crashing to the ground- missing a large chunk of her fragrant red hair. :(

  18. says

    One of my first memories was a sleepover party my mom let me have with two of my friends, we made homemade individual pizzas and watched chitty chitty bang bang! Perfect night!

  19. Christina Austria says

    My first memory as a kid is sharing cake with my brother. I’d eat the frosting and he’d eat the cake.

  20. Stephanie Stark says

    All the clothes are super cute! My first memory as a kid was playing with rollie pollies (potato bugs) and running through the sprinklers with my bros! Good times :)

  21. Lesley n says

    My first memory was being trapped in a tent my sister and I were playing in in the back garden when a swarm of bees decided to congregate right outside the doorway! We had to wait for a bee keeper to come and move them on!!

  22. Sandie says

    My first memory is when my grand father put my sister and me in a barrowful to drive around. Was cool!
    I have to say your Vita’s really cute!

  23. Miranda Welle says

    I have a memory of playing in the ocean when I was about 2. I remember getting a mouthful of water and not liking it one bit! lol

  24. Meagan says

    One of my first memories is when my little sister got brought home from the hospital. I remember my grandma stayed at home with me and my older brother. I distinctly remember that she vacuuming the family room when they came home.

    I also remember being obsessed with my little sisters diapers. I was always stealing them to put them on my dolls. … that year for christmas I got a package of huggies! :)

    I absolutely LOVE Winter Water Factory. My sons have a few of there things and they always look darling in them, their patterns are the best!

  25. Evelyn says

    I too am obsessed with baby clothes, and often am not out of pjs when the little one is dressed to the nines.

  26. Liberty T. says

    My first memory as a child was when I was three and my mom discovered baby mice in a storage closet in our garage. She put the out in the yard and I remember being so devastated that she could do that to the poor little things, so I picked them up and put them in my backyard play house. I never knew if they lasted but I have such a huge heart for animals and I think this is where is started : )

  27. Kinzie says

    My earliest memory is when I met you at Nicole’s girls night, because that is when my life really started.

  28. Nicole says

    One of my earliest memories is being about 4 & my brother bit my shoulder so hard I had a mark for days!

  29. Melissa says

    Love love love
    One of my first memories is having a few of my little friends over when I was 3 or 4. Since we didn’t go to preschool my mom had little classes for us at our house sometimes. :)

  30. Anna says

    One of my first memories is playing in the creek behind our house with my big brother. The water bugs were the enemy and I was the princess and my brother was the soldier.

  31. Lauren E. says

    Running into a glass pane in the hallway when I was 2, and the stitches I got afterwards where I giggled.

  32. Anna says

    Totally, totally love winter water factory. My first memory as a child is swimming at my parents cabin…I hope my kids create many memories there as well.

  33. Holly says

    Hiding behind the couch and my mom flipping out, thinking I’d gotten out the front door when she couldn’t find me. I was probably 2. Sometimes I think I remember other things but realize I’ve just seen a photo of it.

  34. chelsey says

    great patterns, adorable clothes! i’m not sure what my first memory is, maybe my sister getting her tonsils removed and laying on the couch and all the neighborhood kids thought she was dead! it took a while to explain that her lips were purple because of the popsicles she had been eating!

  35. mandie says

    that I can think of right now, I remember riding my new scooter and my mom had to cross our road with me because we lived on a 40 MPH road. I loooooved riding that thing.

    • says

      My first memory as a kid is having chicken pox and being quarantined to my crib for days. I remember there was a life-size baby doll in the corner of the team that freaked me out and made me cry.

  36. Stacey says

    First memory – swinging on the swing in my backyard. Thanks for the giveaway…I now have my first grand baby and can’t get enough of buying her cute clothes!

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