I’m headed off to girl’s camp. I mean Alt Summit.

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I’m sure you could tell that things have been AWFULLY quite ’round here. Why? Because I have been prepping up the wazoo for Alt Summit. It starts today and I’m kicking it off by hosting a welcome party, The Hello Social. I haven’t slept in days. My fingers are permanently claw-figured (from sewing 900 ft. of garland! Biz cards! Sheesh!). And I’m an emotional time-bomb. All you have to do is look at me and I’ll lose it!

Now that Alt is upon us, I plan to cheer up and and learn like crazy. I plan to be an informational sponge and I hope to get so much out of this conference. I want to make this blog here the b-e-s-t and I want to hear tips and tricks from pros. Okay. I really just want to party and get chocolate-wasted, but still!

Things are going to be even more silent for the next few days as I stalk all of my fave bloggers and drug them bribe them convince them to be my friend. I’ll be sharing a few tidbits of the goings on here, but things are going to really be hot over on twitter and insta. So if you want to see pictures of Jessica Alba (oh yeah. She’s coming to Alt. Ain’t no thang.), or pics of all the food I plan to eat, those are the places to be! I’ll be posting regular updates and will try to make it feel like you’re there with me! I mean, I can’t stalk these bloggers alone! Can I?

photo cred: MayaLee

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    • Lexy says

      Joy!!!!! Ah, I am just now sitting down to respond to blog comments. Kind of ridiculous, am I right?!?! You are a gem and a sweetheart and I hope you had a great time at Alt! :) xo, Lexy

  1. says

    I wish I was going and could hug you in person…and give those luscious locks a big ol’ tug just to make sure they’re real. Have so much fun. Next year – when you are teaching at Alt – then, then I’ll go.

    • Lexy says

      Ha! Dana, you can come on over here and yank these locks. Cut them off! I’m ready for a change! :) Bahaha, I would LOVE to speak at Alt. Maybe that will happen some day. Maybe we both will do it! :)

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Chloe! It was a good time, but I am still trying to catch up! I’m finally sitting down to respond to all of these comments. Thank you for the wishes!!! :)

    • Lexy says

      Let’s just talk about how much I loved you! Your panel was seriously inspirational and I love love LOVED your energy! Hope to see you on the interwebs! :)

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