New Year. New Mindset.

photo by Ruffled

Happy new year, lovely people! Isn’t the image above just beautiful? Click here to see more photos and the how-to as well. 2012 is here and has much to offer. I’ve set the usual “healthy goals” and those will probably stick for a month. MAYBE. But I’ve set a few others that I’m hoping will change the course of my life. 

I’m going to be more of a “go-getter”.

I’m going to better my sewing skills.

I’m going to work hard at my printing skills. 

I’m going to be smarter.

I’m going to be more involved.

I’m going to be a good friend.

I’m going to be a good wife. 

I’m going to be a good person.

I’m NOT going to rest.

I’m NOT going to compare myself to others.

I’m NOT going to spend as much money on stuff I don’t need. Unless there is a sale at Michaels. Or Anthropologie. Or Target. (I may need help with this one.) 

I’m NOT going to give up on those that need me.

I’m NOT going to waste any more time.

I’m going to make magic happen. And I’m hoping you’ll stay with me. 

Can’t wait to get started. :)

**Happy New Year**

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