Spotlight: In Love With Alt

Let me start this off by saying I am not getting paid to write the following. It’s not a sponsored post. I’m just that crazy about ALT.

Last year, I discovered this amazing blogging conference called Altitude Design Summit (Alt Summit for short). It’s this cool cool party that happens every year in Salt Lake City. Bloggers from all over the country/world attend and it’s 3-4 days of pure design BLISS.

I was feeling pretty down because I had so many reservations about going to the 2012 summit. “I’m not a big blogger so it would be ridiculous for me to go!” “I don’t have enough money.” “I won’t know anyone.” And the list goes on and on. Well, January 2012 came and went and I missed my opportunity. I saw photos and videos and tweets galore and kicked myself repeatedly for not being in attendance. So many people went! It looked like a good time! I was devastated thinking about how I had missed out on some great friendships and memories. And then, the bloggy heavens opened up and the cyber gods and goddesses sent down a magical gift called The Alt Channel. It’s an online resource for those that could not attend filled with classes and tips for a fun time on the interwebs. (Not that kind of fun time on the interwebs, c’mon!)

The Alt Channel has a huge list of online classes from being more organized to learning more about photoshop. I’ve already taken several classes and have forged some great relationships with new pals. One of my favorite things about Alt is that it connects you with others who are exactly like you. It connects you with people who love and want to create beautiful things!!!

I want you to know about Alt. And I want you to take some of their classes. Because I want what’s best for you. They’re at all hours of the day and well worth it. They’re super affordable, and you don’t have to get all dressed up for a class if you don’t want to. I usually plop down on the couch with a box of jelly-filled doughnuts and go to town. There’s usually a Diet Coke involved, too. Again – totally not getting any kind of incentive for writing this. Alt is just so great! One of the classes I took introduced me to Joy!

Alt just partnered with Bing and they’ve got one crazy summer planned. Click here to learn how you can take some classes for free! Please take a class. You won’t regret it!

Tell me what you are signing up for. Maybe I’ll see you there!

photo by urbanchiqueness

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    • Lexy says

      Jessica, it’s TOTALLY an information overload, but it’s SO worth it! I just want to take as many as my schedule will allow!

    • Lexy says

      Stacey – I think everyone feels this way, but if we just push through and force ourselves to get over our fear, there are some great relationships to be made!

  1. says

    Yay! SO cool. This was my very first ALT class and I’m so freaking excited to take more. I feel giddy finding all of these designy- creative people, and I’m so dying to hit the ALT conference next year. I take it you’re planning on attending?

    • Lexy says

      Hey, Jeanette! I’m glad you liked your first class. They become very addictive. You meet so many people and FAST! I’m planning on attending in SLC. I have the hotel, now all I need is the ticket! That’s the hard part. :) Glad you love Alt!

    • Lexy says

      Alissa – these are exactly what you need! I was totally stuck in a rut before my first class and it has opened up so many doors! Go for it! You won’t regret it.

  2. says

    I’m totally in love with Alt too. This past year, I wanted to go but thought I wasn’t “eligible” since I wasn’t an actual designer or graphic artist. Turns out, I was wrong and lots of lifestyle bloggers go. It’s so my niche – i get giddy at hearing all the names of the presenters. :) I’m totally planning to attend in January 2013….next up though? BlogHer 2012 in NYC in 3 weeks. I’m terrified!!!

    • Lexy says

      Oh my gosh, Em. BlogHer! You’re going to rock it. Let’s make a pact. ALT 2013! You’ll have to tell me how BH goes. Have a great time!

  3. says

    I’ve taken 3 of the 4 free classes I got through Alt’s partnership with Bing and I’m SOOO glad that I found out about this. I have learned a ton and made some wonderful new friendships. Digging your blog and glad to have “met” you. #thanksbing! 😉

    • Lexy says

      Alt partnering with Bing has to be the best thing to happen this summer. So many classes! So little time! I love the friendships, too. That’s what makes it so great; meeting people who love what you love! Friends for life! :)

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