Tut Tuesday: 1,001 Things To Do With Pipe Cleaner. Okay, actually just 2.

Logan’s actual birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated on Sunday night. He’s going to be 30. He’s very emotional about it, so I better just move on. If he reads this, who knows what it could trigger?

As I was surfing the net the other day, I stumbled upon this post by The Sweetest Occasion. There were four tutorials for four easy garlands. I wanted something sparkly and silver for my husb’s party and the one made out of pipe cleaner fit the bill. And it was super cheap. And super easy. I made the garland but I couldn’t stop there. I had to make a “30” cake topper. And a crown for the birthday boy to wear. (He refused to wear it, but HOLY MOLY was it cute!) I was outta control. But once you start, you will be too.




Start with some long pipe cleaners. Any color will do. I chose silver and gold.

Twist the two together to make a thicker strand.

Mold into the numbers needed. I wanted to place a “99” on the cake, but I felt that would be like pouring salt on an open wound.

Take two more pipe cleaners. Cut them in half and twist together to make a thicker strand.


Wrap around the bottom of your number. Make sure you wrap nice and tight so that it can stick up straight.


Stick in the cake and BOOM! Every time I walked by these numbers, I almost cried from happiness. Am I crazy? I almost couldn’t cut the cake. ALMOST.


Cut those stems in half and then loop them together like so…

Wrap the two ends over each other to secure the loop.

I could go on for days. 

Hang around your house and admire…


These may just have to stay all year. 

**Happy Tuesday**

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