Tut Tuesday: Ombre Canvas Tote

I have a serious need to be in the sun. We had a few sunny days here last week and my mind was blown. It was a sick joke that the man who controls the weather – you know, the weather man??? – played on me. Now, I hate the winter and have a desire to wear sandals every day. Sandals. There’s snow outside. Sick, right?

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at ombré dip-dyeing. It looks fun. And a great way to give anything a makeover. I have a bigger project in mind to use this technique for, but I need practice, ya know? 

To ombre dip-dye anything, you’ll need:

Liquid dye, table salt, 3-gallon bucket, measurin’ cup, large spoon, dish soap, and some type of fabric (I used an apron for my first try, and a bag for my second).

In the bucket, add 1/2 cup of liquid dye, 1 cup of salt, and 4 cups of SUPER hot water. Like, piping hot. Stir it up and then add 2 more gallons of hot water and just a little squirt of soap. “Squirt”? Bleh. I hate the word. 

Wet down your fabric and then dip the bottom into the dye. Dip as high as you would like the darkest part to be. Dark to light, remember? Work your way on up. 

Hold the bottom (darkest layer) in the dye for 10 minutes. And then dip more of the fabric in (middle layer) and hold it in the dye for 5 minutes. 

Finally, dip the whole piece of fabric in the dye really quickly. Make sure you’re wearing gloves. Immediately rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. Lay out to dry and then admire.

I loved mine plain, but I decided to add some cute little seagull silhouettes for a “beachy” tote. And then I had to add a towel, some lotion, and some sunnies. I’m desperate for the freakin’ sun, you guys. Let’s go to the beach. Or the pool. Or to Vegas. Someone save me.

**Happy Tuesday**

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