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Grapefruit Bowls with Yogurt & GranolaConfession: I’m picky about my fruit. It used to be that I only liked apples and watermelon. Through the years, I’ve been picking and choosing and maturing. I now like many more fruits and am LOVING grapefruits!!! GRAPEFRUITS! graaaapppeeefffffrrruuuiiitttssss! Sing it with me. Cover these guys in brown sugar and put ’em in the oven. Oh me oh my! What’s even better than eating one? Carving out the flesh and turning them into grapefruit bowls with yogurt & granola.Grapefruit Bowls with Yogurt & Granola

The hollowed out lemons are one of the most popular posts to date, and I searched around wondering what else I could hollow out. Hello, grapefruits!

To make your own, cut the grapefruits in half and carve out the flesh taking care not to cut through the bottom! Once hollowed, fill ’em with some delicious greek yogurt (or ice cream!) and some granola and berries.

Grapefruit Bowls with Yogurt & Granola Grapefruit Bowls with Yogurt & Granola Grapefruit Bowls with Yogurt & Granola

This is by far the healthiest thing I’ve ever shared here. I don’t know who I am today!!!

Go get your grapefruits, y’all.

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

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