DIY Hooded Towels with Pom Pom Trim

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Make the perfect pool or beach accessory with this DIY hooded towel idea! Free up your hands and up the family style factor! Pom Pom trim totally optional and totally cute!


For Big Kid Towel:

  • one bath towel
  • one coordinating hand towel
  • 190″ pom pom trim
  • matching thread
  • scissors 
  • measuring tape or ruler 

For Baby Towel:

  • two matching hand towels
  • 108″ pom pom trim
  • matching thread
  • scissors
  • measuring tape or ruler 

To assemble hood:

Trim ends off one hand towel. *Depending on your child’s head size, you can skip this step as this decreases the opening for the head on when fully assembled.* Fold ends over about 1/2 inch and hem wrong sides together. Go back over with zig zag stitch to secure and prevent major fraying. Fold hand towel in half length-wise (or hot dog style) and cut one edge in a curve to create the hood. Stitch top making sure wrong sides are together. Bring the hood right side out and fold in half (length-wise again) and measure the width. Set aside.

*When making baby hood, we trimmed a few inches off the bottom of the hood so it wasn’t as large as a big kid hood. All other instructions were the same! 

To assemble hood to bath towel:

Fold large bath towel in half (width-wise or hamburger style) and find the center of the towel. Mark with a small snip with the scissors. Take the number you measured for the width of the hood and divide it in half. That is how far down you need to cut from that center snip. For instance, if your hood is 10 inches wide (when folded in half), you need to cut 5 inches down from the center fold on the bath towel.

Starting from the front of one side of the hood, pin the edges right sides together. Stitch together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance and then go back over with a zig zag stitch again. 

If trimming the bath towel down, do so first and hem then zig zag stitch. 

Add the pom pom trim by stitching on slowly on the underside of every edge. 


Wash on gentle cycle to prevent pom pom trim from falling apart.