Hi! I’m Lexy Ward and I’m the founder, editor, and craft boss of PROPER, a blog that encompasses all things that inspire one to live in a properly improper way. If you know me personally, you know that I’m the farthest thing from proper & perfection, so this new name is sort of a play on the actual word. From recipes to projects to parties and more, there is endless amounts of inspiration to be found. This is a place where I share work and collaborations, as well as collect and post anything I’m passionate about. And if it’s something I can make or eat, you had me at, “Hello”.

I moved from Denver to Tucson in March 2015 with my husb, Logan, and daughter, Vittoria. We call her Vita and she’s an instagram hog!  I absolutely LOVE Diet Coke. I eat candy for breakfast. I own more than one Super Mario sweatshirt. And I have seen every FRIENDS episode more than an appropriate amount.

I love to laugh and make people laugh in return. Even if it’s a pity laugh. I’ll take it. And I like to party.

But you already knew that…

Any questions? Drop me a line over here!

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