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Birthday cake with ribbon bunting

I am SO happy it’s the weekend. Logan has had to travel quite a bit these last few weeks and we really haven’t gotten to spend that much time together. But we are going to hang out all weekend together! It’s my birthday tomorrow and we are going out to dinner! On a date! HOO-rah! We may even do a little ice-skating as a repeat of last year’s birthday. I’m not that good on the ice. Actually, I’m grotesquely horrible when it comes to water sports (frozen or not).

Some sweet friends of mine decided to surprise me with a little birthday brunch tomorrow. Logan actually spilled the beans and told me it was a tea party. That guy can NOT keep a secret. Either way, I’m excited to spend the day with friends and wear some sort of fab frock. Anyone want to loan me a fascinator? If you know my friends, you know we go all out. :)

the links:

Soft pretzels. Pink salt. Heck yes.

I’m definitely making these conversation heart cakes this weekend.

I want these candles on my cake tomorrow.

Cheerleader pom pom valentines!

I love everything about this V-day gift.

These heart teabags are the sweetest.

Plaster letters. Melt my heart.

Make a bunch of these mini-sized and hand out to friends!

**Happy Weekend**

photo cred:   photo by  The Proper Pinwheel via Instagram

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    • Lexy says

      Girl you are welcome. Those plaster numbers are so phenom. I love ’em! And thank you again for the birthday card! Why are you so sweet?!?!

  1. says

    Happy (early) birthday!! I love love birthdays! especially birthdays that fall on the weekend!! My last b-day was on a friday and it was a party the entire weekend! I used the “well, it’s my birthday” line SO much. So much fun. Hope you have a fab weekend!

    • Lexy says

      When it’s Logan’s birthday, he declares that he gets a whole week. “It’s my birthday week!” – That’s all I hear the whole time! :)

    • Lexy says

      Linnea!!! Thank you for the wishes! I wasn’t able to find a fascinator, but you bet some of my friends did! I can’t wait to share pics! It was a big celebration! :)

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