7 Necessities For A St. Patty’s Day Ice Cream Party

7 Necessities For A St. Patty's Ice Cream PartySpring is almost here. March is almost here. And that means St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! Growing up, green was always one of my favorite colors. It still is. I loved green, but I didn’t love St. Patrick. The pinching! Oh! The pinching. I could have done without it. My excuse was always, “I’m wearing green underwear!”, or something along those lines.

Now that I’m an adult, I can appreciate the thoughtfulness of St. Patrick and how he carefully created a holiday dedicated to one color scheme. He was really thinking of us party-lovers. I can’t thank the man enough! I’m getting ready to throw a St. Patty’s-themed ice cream party and I’ve rounded up a few necessities to make it a success. The above tools (they’re tools, okay? this is serious work.) will help make your low-key party fun and cohesive. I’m not sure if I love one more than the other!

Shovel Spoons by Sucre Shop – Be honest. How fun would it be to dig out treasures hidden in your ice cream? I’d really love it if I could dig up some cash…

Shamrock Sprinkles by Candy Warehouse – Shamrocks should be everywhere in march, including on top of your ice cream. They’re almost pretty enough to eat alone. Don’t ya think?

Gold Shovels by Factory Direct Craft – Fill small buckets with assorted green and gold candies and then use these adorable shovels to scoop and serve.

Polka Dot Candy Cups by Shop Sweet Lulu – These cute lil’ cups are made for candy, but I plan to serve small scoops of ice cream in them. Everything good is green.

Chocolate Gold Nuggets by Candy Warehouse – The only reason I love these little nugs is ‘cuz they’re gold and beautiful. And I’m really vain and into pretty things…

Stripey Straws by Bake It Pretty – If you want to go the root beer float route, these straws will take it to the top. Color your soda with green food coloring and you’ll have green foam to sip up!

Shamrock Garland by Studio DIY – No party is complete without decor. If you don’t want to pull out all the stops (but seriously, why wouldn’t you?!?), this shamrock garland/streamers makes a big statement and is super easy to make!

Do you have plans for the big green day?

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