A DIY Baby Scarf For The Littles

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out trying to raise her proper, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from Jamie of A Pair of Pears!! She’s one half of a talented design duo and you will fall in love with her! I promise! 
Hi everyone I’m Jamie from A Pair of Pears! My husband and I run a design and lifestyle blog as well as a custom design studio and print shop. I’m so excited to be blogging for Lexy while she loves on her new baby girl. I met Lexy at ALT last January and she is one of the sweetest people I know. I just love her!
Since Lexy loves a good DIY (and who doesn’t) I thought It would be fitting to post a little DIY of my own. And what better than something that will help BG-dub follow along in her mama’s stylish footsteps.
To make a baby infinity scarf you will need:


A 9″ x 43″ piece of fabric (I used a soft flannel. You could also use jersey if you want something with some stretch to it) For bigger babies or toddlers you can just add a few inches to the length.
fabric marker
measuring tape
sewing machine


 Step 1: Fold the width of your fabric in half (right sides together). You can pin it if you need to. The fleece fabric stuck together so I didn’t need any pins for this part. Now you’re going to mark where you want your seems to be. For one of the short ends measure 1/4 inch for the seam. For the long end measure 4 inches since you want the final scarf to be 4 inches wide. Your seam will be around 1/2 inch on this side.


Step 2: Start by sewing one of the short ends closed.


Step 3: Next sew the entire length of the scarf. Make sure to leave the other end open.


Step 4: Turn your scarf right side out. If your corners aren’t square you can take your scissors and poke them out.


Step 5: Take the open side of the scarf and turn the rough edges of the fabric inside.


Step 6: Now take the other end of the scarf and place it inside the open end. Be careful not to twist the scarf. Hold it together with a few pins.


Step 7: Sew it shut and you’re done!
I have a handful of friends that are all pregnant right now so these have been a super easy and fun gift to give them. They’re perfect for the cooler weather coming!
See more of Jamie’s talented talents on her blog, A Pair of Pears.

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  1. says

    I had to read this several times to be sure it wasn’t a joke. Putting a scarf around a baby’s neck is NOT EVER a good idea. Even if it is a cute.

    • Lexy says

      Hi Michelle! Thanks for your comment and for your concern! We absolutely agree that there is a risk of strangulation. This is a styled shot and the scarf is only recommended for use in photographs and, of course, while the baby is being watched! Safety is always priority! I have a little one myself and her safety is always my top concern. :)

      Thank you so much!


  2. Robyn says

    Not sure why everyone is freaking out about a baby wearing a scarf .. Anyone who knows anything about parenting knows that if they’re going to do this that the baby should be watched at all times ? Or Atleast I thought that was common knowledge ..

  3. Mary says

    I am thinking about trying toddler infinity scarfs, however, i would use velcro to join the 2 ends so if they fell and caught it the scarf would come off.


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