Tut Tuesday: Ring of Fire Cupcakes


This past weekend was a busy AND lazy one. Can those two words be used to describe at the same time? This Pneumonia is really kicking my trash. I apologize for being so MIA, but  I can’t help myself. :)

There has been a circus-themed party in the works for some time and it happened Saturday morning. Pictures will come, but I wanted to share these awesome Ring of Fire Cupcakes. They’re so easy and they really made the whole party.

To make your own you’ll need:

  • red & gold pipe cleaner
  • pastry bag filled with frosting
  • one cupcake
  • golden toy lion (found at dollar store and spray painted, of course!)

Twist the pipe cleaners together and secure in a loop.

Pipe the frosting onto the cupcake. Maybe a little into your mouth, but MAKE SURE you get some on the cupcake.

Stick the “ring of fire” into the frosting and pipe a little dot onto the bottom center.

Place the lion on top of the frosting and adjust him as needed. Serve on a platter and watch the kids go wild.

Stay tuned for photos from the circus partay. :)





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    • Lexy says

      Thanks, girl! I sure hope you guys like it! I’ve been keeping these under wraps for about a month and it’s been killing me!

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Jane-darling. I believe in piping bags and the perfect tip. I use the biggest round tip I can find and make my frosting SUPER thick. :)

  1. Sally says

    OMG! Love. Too cute. Why I wasn’t at this party though, I don’t know…you shall pay for that 😉

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Sal! It was a kid’s party using Michael’s circus line. We need to party together. You’re right.

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Mandi! You are so sweet. I was so excited to post about these. They were so easy and just really added to the party!

  2. Amanda Carney says

    I am trying to make similar cupcakes but cannot find the lions. Can you tell me which dollar store you got them at? Dollar Tree? Deals? Dollar General?

    • Lexy says

      Hi Amanda! I got these lions from the toy section at Dollar Tree. I hope that helps! Any lion would work as long as it’s small enough!


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