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Ruffled Wedding Cake via Fresh Find Friday

The weekend. The weekend is here. Oh joy. I love Saturday mornings ’round here. Logan makes crepes almost every Saturday morning. We call him Crepe Master Flex. He’s really proud of the magic he can produce with a pan. I’m proud, too. So you can bet that we will probably be having those for breakfast tomorrow. Heck yeah! We are gearing up for a move into our own little place. If you live in Denver (or if you happen to have a lot of time on your hands and search for rental homes in Denver and know of a few) give me a call. We have several open-houses to see today and tomorrow. It’s gon’ be crazy. I can feel it in my bones. We move quite a bit. But this time, we plan to stay put for a few years so I’m really excited about it. Wish us luck!

The pic above is from a wedding that was featured on fave blog, Ruffled. It’s a wedding with old charm and gold touches. The cake stole my heart, but click here to view the gallery. Just look at the gorgeous floral crown on the bride. It’s a good thing I wasn’t invited to the wedding. I would have stolen the crown and ran…

le finds:

If you aren’t celebrating V-day ’til tomorrow, these printable placemats are perfect for dinner!

This anthro DIY is pretty great. I’m ready to make and sip.

Running a blog outta your car.

Fabric flowers that require no sewing. Yes.

DIY brushed text tea towels.

Dip-dyed kitchen towels.

I need these pajamas. Now.

Pink food. Pink drink. Thanks, Cyd.

**happy weekend**

photo cred: Len of I Love Wednesdays

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  1. says

    First time at your blog. I love it. My husband is a breakfast maker too. Such a wonderful thing to wake up to. We just bought our first home. So much fun, but so much of everything else too. Good luck!

    • Lexy says

      Oh thanks, Lila! I’m so glad you found me! Logan absolutely loves making breakfast! He just made waffles the other day! I’m happy he’s venturing out of his “crepe” ways. :)

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