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ice bucket by FabricPaperGlue

What a week this has been! From the bump shots to the surprise virtual baby shower, I’ve been super spoiled. It’s been a week all about BG-dub over here. We’re slowly getting ready for her. And when I say “we”, I mean “Logan”. He’s been a real sport. I plan to start tackling some projects for baby girl’s room, so if you want the inside scoop, check things out on Instagram! I’m @properpinwheel and we should be friends. You’ll get lots of Diet Coke spam. I kid. I kid. 😉

The amazing chic ice bucket above was created by my girl, Mandy, of Fabric Paper Glue. This girl has such an eye for the DIY. She also takes amazing photos. You should probably have an end-of-summer-misery-party. And if you’re going to have a party, you’re going to need an ice bucket. And if you’re going to need an ice bucket, you should probably make this one. Head on over to Fabric Paper Glue for the full tutorial!


Rainbow soap foam. I’m not even kidding.

Apply fabric dye directly for a watercolor effect. You got it.

Clay letter cake toppers for the win.

An ombre swaddle blanket is perfectly perfect.

I’ll be making this pillow for baby girl. I should, right?

Recycled lights made into a chandelier. FROM CARDBOARD!!!

Eat this: a patchwork strawberry and apple pie!

**happy weekend**

photo cred: Fabric Paper Glue

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