Fresh Find Friday

It’s Friday! Holy moly, did this week drag. Tomorrow is the first full day I am not working in a LONG time. I can’t wait. The weather is going to be beautiful and I have all sorts of fun things planned. Eating will be taking up about 73% of my time these next few days. I’ll see ya when I’m 10 pounds heavier. :)

photo by Fine Little Day via Gloss White

I have always loved pine trees and art that includes them somehow. I’m lucky to live in Colorado because those babies are abundant, let me tell ya. I came upon Fine Little Day a few fine little days ago (Thanks to Dene over at Gloss White!) and can’t get my mind off of this. Oh my lanta.

photo by Wonchan Lee via Curbly

Alright. I don’t have any kids yet, but I want these for myself.

photo via Emersonmade

A look at what goes on behind the scenes at Emerson Made. This woman is hands down one of my favorite people on the planet. Her writing makes me laugh out loud! Raise your hand if you love Pedro.

photo by House of Earnest

I’m a sucker for wax-sealed envelopes. Nothing beats a letter from snail mail. And an envelope sealed with wax screams classy.  Erin over at House of Earnest demonstrates a great way to make a bunch of these lil’ beauties and use them for other things around the house!

If you missed it:

check out this week’s DIY.

**Happy Weekend**

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