Have You Visited The Neighborhood?

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So remember when I told you about this crazy-cool new site called The Neighborhood? It’s the perfect place to go for inspiration for your life at home. If you need tips for organization, or recipe ideas for your neighbor kids, there’s definitely something there for you. These articles are life-savers. In more ways than one. Seriously. They’ll change your life. You need to know how to organize your rental. You should probably be up to date on the tips to make the perfect snowman. You should also be an expert in caring for your winter skin. Here are a few articles I’ve written that you’re sure to enjoy. (cough, cough, hint, hint.)

Happy Tuesday!!!

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    Looks great, I”m heading over to check it out right now! Also, I was in the alt social media class the other day, so I just thought I’d pop by and say hi thanks for facilitating!

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