Spotlight: In Love With Vita-Roo

Brace yourselves. There are many, many pictures below.In Love With Vita

I don’t share much about Miss Vita-roo here on the blog. You see glimpses of her on my Instagram account. She’s sort of my insta-mascot. We love her. We love all the changes she has brought to our lives. We love that, right now, she is wearing 12 month pajamas and she just turned 7 months old. I mean. She’s big. We just breed ’em big, I guess.

In Love With Vita

I wanted to make this space a little more personal today. Here are a few pics of Vita as well as my top ten fave things she does. *DISCLAIMER – this list is moot. Picking my ten favorite things about my daughter is like picking my favorite Dumbledore quote. It can’t be done.

1. She’s fearless. The girl is not afraid to crawl, fall, or roll anywhere. Even off the bed. Which I’m sad to say has happened before.

In Love With Vita

In Love With Vita

In Love With Vita

2. She’s the happiest. The girl hardly ever cries. I mean it. When she does cry, it’s not even a real cry. It’s more of a yell. I can deal with a yell. And every time I pick her up after her nap, or lift the cover off of her carseat, or see her for the first time in the morning, she’s all grins. Cheesy grins. That’s how I know she’s mine.

3. She copies me. She mimics my expressions, my sounds, and my laughs. She’s hilarious. She’s really got the octave thing down.

In Love With Vita

4. She gives kisses. If you tell her to “give kisses!”, she does it. And she’s not a half-ass kisser either. It’s all or nothing with her.

In Love With Vita

5. She has perfect posture when watching television. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on repeat around here and whenever she sits up to watch it, you could put a yard stick against her back. That’s how perfectly she’s sitting up.

In Love With Vita In Love With Vita In Love With Vita

6. She eats. A LOT. That’s also how I know she’s mine. She’s really independent and likes to feed herself. It doesn’t always go over well as she’s not the cleanest, but it’s cute. So I’ll let it happen.

In Love With Vita In Love With Vita In Love With Vita

7. She goes crazy when we play music and dance. I think she started giggling while dancing when she was about 3 months old. We were listening to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and she just went nuts with laughter. She’s currently a fan of “Gold Digger” by Kanye West. Every night before bathtime, we have a little R&B sesh. She’s such a thug.

In Love With Vita In Love With Vita In Love With Vita In Love With Vita In Love With Vita
In Love With Vita In Love With Vita

8. Wherever she is, whatever she’s doing, if you look at her and smile, she’ll smile right back.

9. She’s ridiculously interactive and loud. I don’t know who talks more – her or me.

10. She’s all mine. All day. Err’ day.

In Love With Vita

Bonus: She’s always done everything earlier than she should. The girl came early. She rolled early. She crawled early. She’s just too quick for my liking!

2nd Bonus: The arm, thigh, wrist, and finger dimples. ’nuff said.

all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

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    Made us tear up! Mike and I are” aww!!!”, the whole post. We have a pic so similar of Zoë and I in the snow…wearing almost the same outfits and furry hat! She’s darling!!! I love your sense of humor and how you cherish these amazing moments. Very sweet!

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