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S'more Popcorn

It’s summer where I am. Is it summer where you are? If so, build a campfire this weekend, or head to the movies, or cozy up on the couch. Do whatever it is you need to do to allow yourselves the chance at this s’more popcorn.  It’s so tasty and gooey and before you know it, an entire mixing bowl is gone in no time flat.


Is it “s’more”?

Or is it “s’mores”?

I’ve never understood it. So if you can clear that up for me, that would be great. I have lost many-a-night’s-sleep over that.

S'more PopcornYou can get the full recipe over here on Style Me Pretty Living today! Yum. Yum. Yummers.

S’more Popcorn at SMP Living

In other news, I’ve got another tasty way to shnazz up the popcorn so check back later tomorrow for that! It’s definitely popcorn that’s on trend… any guesses as to what it’ll be?!

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

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