DIY // Mother’s Day Tablescape with MOM Floral Backdrop

Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

Mother’s Day is just a few days away. I’m feeling especially lucky this year to join the ranks of Motherhood and can’t wait to just party up a storm. As the mothers do. If you’re planning a brunch or get together of some type, there are lots of ways to make it special! You don’t have to go crazy with the details. I’ve got a few easy projects for you below. They’re not that time-consuming, but they make a big statement! Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

To make the MOM floral backdrop you’ll need:

  • 115-125 carnations
  • white lattice (found at Home Depot)
  • floral shears
  • velcro strips to attach to the wall

Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

There are two ways to do this. A way that seems easy, but then becomes a little more difficult. Or the best way that you didn’t think of at first, but came up with after the first way proved to be more difficult than you’d like. Ya follow?

Keep reading to see all the mother’s day glory! Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

Thread the carnation stems through the lattice. Use about 3 stems per hole and spell out the word “MOM”.

THE BEST WAY TO DO THIS: Hang the lattice on the wall first. Attach it to the wall with your velcro strips. Once it’s hung, thread the carnations through the holes. Once you’ve spelled the word “MOM”, use the floral shears to trim the stems. This seriously took about 25 minutes. (It took 1.5 hours the other way. Which I’m not going to share here! ha!)

Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape Just thread and trim and thread and trim. Really easy.
Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

Keep dessert close by placing it in wine glasses at each place setting! Wrap each wine glass with a little gold ribbon around the stem to make it ultra-classy. Ultra-class. It’s what we do.Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

And it’s really fun when you are surrounded by crazy-talented friends who just know how to make the best floral arrangements. My friend, Ashley, has an eye for all things beautiful and has just started a new boutique floral studio here in Denver. If you’re around, stalk her. I’m not askin’. I’m tellin’. The girl will wow you with what she can do. She created the centerpieces above. Now pick your jaw up off the flo’.Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

These pie crust cookies are pretty like macarons, but tastier in my opinion! Get the recipe here!
Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape The gorgeous pastel flowers on the table scream a little bit of whimsy while keeping a simple and rustic tone with the wooden farmhouse table and mismatched vases and vessels. Arrangements of carnations, poppies, sweet pea, peonies, and garden roses help keep things feminine and simple!
Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

Woodburned place cards attached to sweet ivory and pink carnation stems with twine double as favors for guests.  Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

To keep up with the ultra-class, you can attach these carnation garlands to the chairs! Click here for the how-to!

Like I said, it doesn’t have to be over-the-top to be special. The few small and simple details make it totally custom and memorable!

concept, design, & styling: The Proper Pinwheel

floral centerpieces: Park Floral Design

Photography: Sally Mae Photo

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