Fresh Find Friday

Another week bites the dust. And I’m glad. Logan’s here and we are gonna party ’til the break of dawn, people. And when I say “party ’til the break of dawn”, I actually mean “eat some pie crust and pumpkin roll while watching Breaking Bad in our pajamas”. My life is just so glamorous it hurts.

The photo above was taken by yours truly at a Flea Market here in Denver. There was just a whole lot of color goin’ on and a photo just HAD to be taken.

the goods:

I’d like this necklace, please.

I’m going to do this to my town.

Just the most perfect accessory.

These flags. Love them.

You know I love foxes.

The Knitterati. How do I get in?

A mascara showdown. Sounds dangerous.

I feel like Logan will want me to make these.

Of course we should all know how to do this!

Can I pull this off?

**happy weekend, y’all**


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    • Lexy says

      Just say when! The flea market is open the first saturday of every month. Mile High Market is every Saturday. Have you been to that one?

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