DIY Edible Confetti

DIY Edible Confetti by The Proper Pinwheel

Valentine’s Day has to be one of my fave holidays. You guys know that I love love. I know I try to show it in a sarcastic way, but I do. I love the idea of devoting an entire day to showing someone how much they mean to you. Shoot. I’m married and I should technically be doing that everyday. And I’m sad to say that I don’t. Oh man. Poor Logan. I gotta go do something for that guy!

Okay, sorry. Back on the V-day bandwagon. I’ve been wanting to share this idea for a while, but have been SO sick since returning from Alt and haven’t had two seconds to make this guy come to life. I finally felt better today and decided I better whip this project out before I die. Confetti is so fun. At parties or in birthday cards, it is so fun to play with. The only downside of actual confetti is the clean up. It’s tricky getting your fingernails under those guys to pick ’em up. Solution: make the confetti edible. You can lick it right out of the envelope. Or off or the floor. Potato potahto.

DIY Edible Confetti by The Proper Pinwheel

 To make your own edible confetti you’ll need:

DIY Edible Confetti

Lay out your airheads on the first sheet of waxpaper. Place in the microwave for 7 seconds. Once heated, remove from microwave and place second sheet of wax paper on top. Flatten and thin airheads with rolling pin.

DIY Edible Confetti by The Proper Pinwheel

 Repeat the above steps until your airheads are super duper thin and will fit through the paper punch.

DIY Edible Confetti by The Proper Pinwheel

DIY Edible Confetti by The Proper Pinwheel

While the airheads are still barely warm, place them in the paper punch and start making that heart-shaped confetti! If the airheads harden, the sheets will crack and it will be a little tricky to keep punching. If that happens, just continue to slightly warm in the microwave until you’ve punched the amount of desired shapes.

DIY Edible Confetti by The Proper Pinwheel

Use the hole punch to punch out the rest of the regular confetti.

DIY Edible Confetti made from Airheads candy by The Proper Pinwheel

I almost ate all of those airheads and then there would have been nothing left to photograph. How pretty are those candy hearts?!

air 11

Place the edible confetti in your mouth in the glassine bags and seal with a piece of decorative washi tape. I have SO much washi tape it’s ridiculous. Logan always gives me a look when I buy more. But ya see? I’ve gotten so much use out of this red!!!

air 12

air 13

air 14

These are definitely the cutest valentines I’ve ever made. And they may also be the tastiest!!! Isn’t it great when you can eat your messes?

READ THIS NOTE: If you are concerned about cooties, make sure to wear gloves while preparing these valentines. To be extra cautious, you can use brand-spankin’-new punches for the confetti.

This post was made possible by Airheads Candy. They’re helping to bring edible confetti to the world one Airhead at a time.

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  1. says

    Love this, what a great idea! Can’t wait to make these with the girls. Um, and can we also please discuss your rolling pin? Seriously though – did you make it? Buy it? I want one.

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Shauna!!! I love love LOVED your necklace!!!! So cute! I think if you roll out the airheads thin enough, you can do anything with those guys. :)

  2. says


    I was SHOCKED that you didn’t win the Airheads contest! I was completely positive that you would’ve won! Well, if it’s worth anything, this was my FAVORITE craft! You’re amazing. Alison (the alison show) and I were talking about how brilliant this craft was while watching The Bachelor last night :)

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Heather!!!! That means a lot coming from you craft queens! I am seriously hating that we don’t have cable. I don’t know what is going on with The Bach! I just know that there is one-armed girl and a crazy brow lady! What the?!?

      And let’s just talk about your cute and crafty arrows, shall we?!? Blew. Me. Away.

    • Lexy says

      Thanks, Courtney! These are SO perfect for a cake! They stick right on! Edible cake stickers…. there ya go! I totally want to see your cakes! :)

  3. frances says

    What are airheads? I live in an African country with limited sweet (candy) options, and these look hearts look perfect for a friend’s wedding…


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