DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland

DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland, The Proper Pinwheel, Mission: Merry 2012, Holiday DIY, Mantle Decorations

Out of all the crafting mediums, paper is one of my favorites. You can make almost anything. Any design. Any color. Any size. It’s so perfect. Every mantle needs decorations at Christmas. Seriously. This is where I go a little nuts. There are garlands-galore, candles, glitter, snowflakes, antlers, etc. I can tell you that Logan really enjoys it… This santa & reindeer garland is the second project in Mission: Merry 2012! It’s easy-peasy and can be hung many different ways. Just take some scissors, an afternoon, and prepare yourself for the cutest little reindeer to have ever lived. Download at the bottom of this post!

DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland, The Proper Pinwheel, Mission: Merry 2012, Holiday DIY, Mantle Decorations

DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland, The Proper Pinwheel, Mission: Merry 2012, Holiday DIY, Mantle Decorations

To make your own santa & reindeer garland you’ll need:

  • Downloadable template for sleigh and reindeer
  • 5 large sheets of light brown cardstock
  • 4 large sheets of dark brown cardstock
  • 1 large sheet of red cardstock
  • brown or red twine
  • jingle bells
  • scissors and hot glue

Download the template for the sleigh and reindeer. Trace the reindeer onto the brown cardstock and cut out. Be gentle with the antlers! They’re fragile! Trace the sleigh on the red cardstock and cut out.

DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland, The Proper Pinwheel, Mission: Merry 2012, Holiday DIY, Mantle Decorations

DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland, The Proper Pinwheel, Mission: Merry 2012, Holiday DIY, Mantle Decorations

Wrap the twine around the reindeer’s necks (this isn’t animal cruelty) and hot glue in place if necessary. Hot glue the twine to the back of the sleigh to keep it upright. Hot glue one small red jingle bell onto Rudolph’s nose, and thread extra bells onto each end of the garland. Drape over your mantle. Tape in place with some cute washi tape. Sing Wham’s “Last Christmas” while dancing around the living room. Merry Christmas indeed.

Download the template here: Santa & Reindeer

photo cred: Ashley Swapp Photography

**no reindeer were harmed in the creation of this garland**

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    • Lexy says

      Ha! Thanks, Maria!!! That bell on Rudolph’s nose was only fitting! Stick around! There’s some pretty great stuff coming. :)

  1. says

    I’m usually only online during the day on my phone so easier to comment on IG or FB but for this I’ll actually leave a real, live, blogpost comment too. :) This turned out so great! So simple and so fun. I have one of those huge Ikea wall maps and this would look super festive hung across the top.

    • Lexy says

      Heck yes! I’m so lucky you left one! It honestly turned out SO CUTE! I think it would be adorable over the wall map! You’ll have to take a pic with it over it! :)

  2. Kinzie says

    This turned out so stinkin cute! I just may have to attempt to make one. Although I think Monica’s mad scissors skills are way better than mine :)

  3. says

    Craftgawker posted your WONDERFUL Santa and friends and I immediately went to your site……THANK YOU so much for giving us this template….this is one of my most favorite images of the Christmas season!

    • Lexy says

      Hi Nancy! I’m so glad you clicked over! And I’m happy you were able to download the template! This project could NOT be any easier. OR any cuter. 😉 I hope you’ll stick around to see some of the other projects coming this month! We’ve got a whole series for December called Mission: Merry 2012!

    • Lexy says

      Girlfriend! These look so great! I love the presents. The patterns you chose are perfect! I love it all. Thank you so much for sharing! It make me SO happy to see people making these projects! Woo!

    • Lexy says

      Elena! I stacked them on top of the other in an accordion-style fold and then placed them in a manila folder. Hoping yours don’t tangle up! :)

  4. Denise Brown says

    So cute! I think I’ll try that this year! And I *LOVE* the pretty green trees on your mantle! Where did you get those? Or did you make them? I also love the turquoise chairs with the red and white pillows!! I want to copy this. :)

    • Lexy says

      Denise! The trees are from Home Goods! They’re so perfect for the holidays! And the pillows were from IKEA last year! :)

  5. Demi says

    Hi! I think this is so cute but for some reason every time I open up the link it goes to a PDF viewer but the actually document never shows up. I haven’t had trouble with other PDFs so I’m wondering if maybe you could email it to me? I would love to do this with some of my adults with disabilities next week! Thanks (:


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  2. […] Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel made the most adorable Santa & Reindeer Garland. I’m thinking it would be cute to print out the templates and maybe take it into work and let my toddlers scribble and color on the reindeer… and hang it in our classroom! I’ll have to post pictures… we created a mantle, Menorah, and Christmas Tree in the past few weeks, complete with Christmas Lights and ornaments! […]

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